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What skills does your team need to have to deliver a successful Inbound Marketing program?

Very often marketers and industry leaders who are considering entering the world of inbound marketing, turn to Next Level Strategy. These marketers and industry leaders are amongst the first to accept the important changes brought by the Inbound. Although in doing so, they may struggle to successfully implement and maintain efforts that might seem ambitious for the capabilities of their current internal team.Con mucha frecuencia llegan a nosotros marketers y líderes de industrias que están considerando introducirse al Inbound marketing. Estos son los primeros que aceptan los cambios importantes que trae el Inbound, pero que luchan constantemente mientras intentan implementar y mantener con éxito esfuerzos que podrían parecer ambiciosos para las capacidades que posee su equipo actual interno.

Most of the time, small and medium-sized organizations don’t have the necessary skills to be self-sufficient from the start. They find that there is too much work to do and they are often far from the core competencies of their team. To start and maintain an inbound program, companies require assistance with the following activities:

  • Planning, creation and selection of engaging and valuable content:

  • SEO strategy, development and execution.

  • Creation of an effective user experience (UX) on the website.

  • Website optimization for conversions.

  • Publication of timely and attractive content on social networks.

  • Planning, construction and execution of nurturing campaigns for prospects.

  • Continuous analysis and implementation of improvements.

  • Plan and analyze different versions of landing pages, CTAs, etc., or AB Testing, which consists of developing and launching two versions of the same element and measuring which one works best. This test contributes to strategy optimization.

  • Purchase media to publish campaigns, advertisements, posts, etc.

  • Calculate and minimize acquisition costs per customer (CAC) for final conversion.

  • Analyze and increase the value of the client's lifetime (CLTV) as a predictive tool to calculate the future benefit that a consumer will generate during his/her lifetime a client.

  • Information analysis received from campaigns, CTAs, advertisements, and so on. This data is important and Data Science can help Next Level’s clients to turn their data into valuable insights for a company.

  • Software use to perform automated marketing activities, such as email marketing and SMS.

To comply with all the items on the list above, implies a lot of work, but the result will be an effective inbound marketing program implementation.

Next Level Strategy’s objective is to help companies transition, maintain and grow their inbound marketing strategies. The fundamental question that is yet to be answered is: What roles and responsibilities should an organization assume from the beginning and thus be able to master the inbound program obtaining favorable results?

Align sales and marketing with your business goals

Many companies lack well-articulated business growth goals as well as marketing objectives. Companies know that their goal and need is to increase revenue and profitability, but they pay attention to only how much, how fast and how they will achieve it.

Commercial and marketing objectives must be connected to each other, to guide teams regarding the importance of what they do for the company. For example, an $ 8 million food distribution company tries to grow 20% ($ 2.4 million) in 2 years and its 2 main sources of income are dish delivery to schools and banquet services that average $ 1.3 million. This amount is distributed in 2 years and adding provider service contracts average about $ 23,000 / month. The company could play with mathematics and reach various combinations of growth in each area that will help them reach their goal. The next step is to analyze conversion rates and estimate how many potential customers the company needs to get new customers and how much traffic they need to attract and deliver the necessary sales. At this point, significant marketing objectives can be monitored weekly for progress.

Companies must define their target customer

Valuable and quality content will attract prospects to the top part of the inbound marketing funnel. The business must understand their potential customers to be able to create the content that will speak directly to the prospect. That means that a business must be specific about their ideal buyer, type of company, industry, geography and finally with the people with whom those companies relate to or gain influence. If the business can define their objective with that level of precision, the company will be fulfilling 70% of fulfilling of their objective by converting the description into a prototype of the perfect client.

Think like an editor

Business do not have to hire a professional writer to launch a successful inbound program. There are countless ways to create valuable content with external help, but the business must produce content with an editor mindset. This translates into having teams regularly immersing themselves in the head of their prospects to know what and how to share the content in an engaging manner. When the business thinks in terms of their prospects, they begin to understand content with a new light; comments on a new study will be welcome, evaluating emerging technology and its impact on the target industry and how it will affect customers. All this information will be truly significant when it comes to content creation. When the whole organization begins to think on those terms great content is created.

Manage potential customers effectively

An effective inbound marketing approach will dramatically change a company’s sales channel, first by introducing it to more potential customers or prospects. But beware, not all prospects are the same or not worth following up. The team must evaluate and know how to prioritize these customers to optimize time and resources. Some may be disqualified immediately, while others will show promise because they fit the desired profile, as well as shown interest in a product or service.

Commitment to understanding analytics

Next Level Strategy’s inbound marketing tools provide a variety of data in real-time every day, to obtain information on what is working and what is not; and what can or should be done differently to improve program performance and results.

Analysis is valuable if considered immediately. Knowing how to interpret such information may require training, but by developing this knowledge, it will help to develop better programs in the future. If the company’s team is incorporated through an inbound agency such as Next Level, it will benefit everyone and generate better business results and faster.

Quickly answer questions like to increase the speed of changes and business results and inbound marketing.

  • What is the best source of traffic?

  • Where do the highest quality references come from?

  • What topics are in trends for blog that promote better help for our prospects?

That means that you can increase the speed of the changes, business resulta, and inbound Marketing.

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