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Website for Parents

The main website contains detailed information for each type of user, a structured website to give the user an adequate experience on mobile devices such as phones and tablets of all brands. Visit website.

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Website and landing page for surrogates

The website specialized for mothers who want to be "Surrogate"contains a linking system between promotional landing pages from three different ranks (Advertised on Facebook to generate traffic to the system) as well as attraction devices like the free download of an ebook. Based on an integrated and systematic measurement of all marketing tactics of the brand; analysis of performance indicators of commercial actions; advice for optimization of resources, measurements and results.

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Video capsules

Video production was done to show details of the project and service areas. Recording and editing of video capsules.

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Device of attraction

An Ebook was designed and drafted as a device of attraction, with the key information to become "Surrogate", to constantly attract new prospects to the company, generating a genuine opportunity to consolidate these prospects as customers.

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Google Ads

Ads for capturing prospects and redirecting them to the specific landing page.

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KPI y Power editor

We conducted campaigns in Facebook Power editor for Leads capture.

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