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Digital ADS

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Marketing Automation



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Social Media

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Software & App Develpment



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Inbound Marketing



Web Development

A brand's website is regularly the first means of information on which prospects look to inform themselves with more details about products or services. Social networks have the versatility to offer free or paid advertising, but a website increases the brand's prestige by communicating the value proposition, it often provides visitors a level of trust towards the company, product or service. An optimized, easy to handle web site that submits valuable information, allows a brand to capture a greater number of prospects who can significantly boost sales. We help you not only build your website but give it the value and distinction you are looking for with SEO and SEM positioning strategies.


• Website creation - WordPress and/or Wix.

• Domain and hosting administration.

• Landing pages..


Inbound Marketing

We often see that companies have the same traditional tools and methods when carrying their advertising message and differentiate themselves from the competition. However, Push techniques no longer work for today's society. Consumers are not responding positively to harassment or bombardment of information coming from billboards, emails or advertisements on the yellow pages, it is simply no longer effective. Today's consumers know what the want and know how to find a variety of options where they can obtain the product/service that best suits their needs. This change has led companies to focus on creating valuable content to attract their users. Next Level Strategy specializes in the Inbound methodology, which endures in attracting, converting, and delighting your prospects to mold them into loyal brand-promoting consumers. We are committed to giving you accelerated real-time results by creating effective strategies that will help you reach the next level. 

  • Buyer profiling

  • Diagnosis of the Company's current situation

  • Buyers journey

  • Marketing Funnel simulator

  • Funnel Marketing plan

  • social listening

  • Selling Strategy

  • Mapping process

  • Competition benchmarking

  • Workflows

  • Business Model

  • SEO positioning 

  • Portfolio analysis

  • ROI


Software and App development

In today's society, people use their mobile phones for everything, from checking balance on their bank account to a simple google search. This makes it essential for companies to adapt their content and tools to these devices. With a combination of techniques and design abilities, our team is capable to develop sophisticated software applications. We will provide guidance and direction throughout the production of the product to accomplish an attractive, easy to use system software.

● Consulting

We work with you to offer ideas that allow accomplishing an ideal experience for your consumers, combining market recognition, trends, and innovation. With strong customer relationships and a spirit of collaboration, we work to refine your ideas, advising and overcoming technical or design challenges.

Brightly intuitive

We take the time to fully understand your target audience and carefully build the perfect user interface to meet your requirements. We will always try to innovate, expanding the limits of what can be achieved.

● Deelopment

Sometimes your brand needs more than what the web can offer. Apps give you countless possibilities to connect more deeply with your customers; the ability to capture, send and receive audio, images, and video is highly appreciated by today's users.

Digital ADS

Advertising in digital media has become the main tool for companies that aim to generate valuable content with a product, service or brand in general; since it allows the achievement of objectives in a faster and easier way. While we can all make use of these resources, it is important to highlight that talent is needed to manage them, since it not only entails acquiring whatever you want, it is essential to see how, when and where to reach consumers while keeping your attention on the return from the investment.  Talent is required to identify synergies of generic platforms in paid advertising, free of charge and integrate media planning into creative processes. Next Level Strategy seeks for your brand to be noticed by the right target, with the correct message, in the correct way, in the ideal channel; this way we assure to be more efficient and capable when creating a campaign and obtaining optimal results.


Social Media

Social media are a fundamental pillar for inbound programs. They can be utilized as a starting point to attract consumers by creating and delivering valuable content. Social media are of great importance as a diffusion channel within an Inbound strategy, the proximity to the community is a huge marketing advantage. With social media, we can capture users in phases after the conversion funnel.
Also, social networks provide very important advantages, such as:


  • Visibility: Allows the dissemination of the content in an easier, organic way and without limitations.


  • Customer service: Social networks allow two-way channels that will involve receiving comments or complaints from customers, having the ability to respond to these situations quickly and appropriately.


  • Reputation: Many of the prospects take into account ratings, comments and reviews to make their purchase decision, so keeping customers happy helps maintain a constant flow of recommendations to make new prospects known.


  • Virality: Social networks are an excellent way to stimulate the virality of content organically since they all have the option of “sharing” the content with other users.

  • Trends: Having a constant presence in social networks encourages the brand/product to be aware of trending topics and anticipate industry developments and consumption patterns.

Email & Marketing Automation

In today's world, is very important to maintain a close and personalized connection with our customers, visitors, and prospects. When it comes to a small business, that can be manageable, but as growth increases, it can be tricky to deliver the same quality personalized service. Response time is fundamental, users want quick answers to their inquiries, the faster the better. This is where marketing automation comes in, generating automated processes that allow us to enhance our Marketing operations. Some examples of this would be:

  • Send follow up content after having previously downloaded an information catalog or anything of that kind.

  • Generate automatic responses to new records.

  • Report new content related to a recently released product.

A contact base is fundamental for quality marketing automation, the company needs to have the users' consent to be sent new content, which will allow the creation of automated email and SMS sequences. For example, in email marketing campaigns you could use:


  • Welcome email: sending a thank you message after subscribing followed by a discount coupon can keep your prospect or customer committed to your company. 

  • Campaigning special dates or holidays: sending a message on a special date such as the client's birthday is a way to cultivate a lasting relationship with your customers, this makes them feel special and taken care of by the brand.

  • Data update: sending a message when modifying any contact information also serves as a security method and keeps the client aware of any changes that have been made to their profile.


SMS campaigns can influence emails based on content, however, the risk of costumers not opening emails remains high. SMS campaigns are more effective when taking these three advantages into account:

  • Deliverability: SMS is the channel that receives the highest rate of deliverability, with an average reception of 95%. Also, the SMS is read in the first 3 minutes from the moment of reception. A reliable channel that guarantees that your message reaches your recipients.

  • Instantaneity: In a few minutes you can send your campaign by massive SMS to thousands of people, making sure that almost immediately after receiving, the message will be read.

  • Profitability: Sending massive SMS campaigns require a minimal investment of time and funds, regarding the Marketing tools you will be utilizing.


Next Level Strategy uses Hubspot as a master tool to have real-time visualization of the effectiveness in our campaigns.



Branding should be about creating positive experiences for their prospects, many of the buying decisions are made due to a powerful sense of belonging and emotional connections on the customer’s side. Next Level Strategy helps you define the purpose, personality, strategies and messaging platform to present.



  • Enterprise Image design.

  • Brand DNA analysis.

  • Communication strategy.

  • Brand positioning.

  • Brand scanning.

  • Brand ambition.


Strategic Planning

Not having a strategic plan is like driving a car without gas, you will not get anywhere. • The planning methodologies used by Next Level Strategy take advantage of the contributions of key decision-makers within your organization, discussions with key clients to develop a strategic plan, interviews with collaborators and alignment of the organization objectives to obtain maximum business results. We need to align the strategy with the primary customer service standards in the industry and the best practices to ensure its success.

We are leaders

We learn the key elements of strategic thinking and strategic planning and determine the key strategic objectives. We recognize how to plan and organize resources to achieve the objectives.  General knowledge of the environment is essential. What is happening in the business? How is the organization positioned? All this will allow you to endure and prosper within an environment of constant change, cope with the expected and unexpected.



Also called "web positioning" or "search engine positioning", SEO is a process that incorporates a set of techniques directed at optimizing a website for its content to be correctly established by web search engines and acquire significant relevance criteria of the search. SEO focuses on organic search results, meaning, what is not paid. Although there are thousands of factors on which a search engine relies when positioning one page or another, the most important are Authority and Relevance. The Authority is the popularity of a website, the more popular the more valuable the information it contains. Relevance is the link a page has according to a search description.


  • Google Analytics: tracks and reports website traffic.

  • Google Search Console: allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.

  • Google Page Speed: helps to optimize a website's performance.

  • Google Trends: analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages, using graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time.


All media campaigns need to have audiovisual components in them, and it's best if those elements have congruence with the message that you have been so committed to transmitting. 90% of prospects are inclined to rely more on a company that strives to generate entertaining, informative and interactive content whilst 85% base their buying choice in the information transmitted by a multimedia element.

Next Level Strategy is backed with a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and management of technologies into creating high-quality audiovisual material.


  • Video production

  • Editing

  • Stock

  • 2D and 3D Animation


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